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Just the other day we brought you a package that teaches all the notes on the fretboard. Well maybe you haven't learnt them all yet, but here's lesson two.

This takes guitar basics to the next level by teaching the fundamentals of chord formation.

Whether it's major, minor, diminished, suspended or augmented that you need this tutor has them all.

Just scroll through the chords and rearrange your fingers in the appropriate patterns. Make sure you read the 'how to use' first though, it will tell you all about lining up the roots of the chord, and believe me that's vital.

Form hundreds of chords. The simple to use interface allows you to learn some of the most common shapes for the most popular chords. This app is especially great for beginning guitarists who are interested in learning basic fundamentals of chord formation.

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Guitar Chords


Guitar Chords 1.2

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